The best way to decorate your bedroom is with a beautiful bed canopy which can be very useful especially in winter when the sun is not even up. But this is only the first part of the story. If you want to decorate the whole bedroom and really make it look amazing, you will need some help from the designer Vincent Coste who created a very beautiful canopy bed with a nice design and wonderful colors.

First of all you should know that this bed is handcrafted and this makes it unique. It is an antique piece of bedding and thus has a special story to tell. Moreover, the color of the bedding matches the paper, which is turquoise, a very nice and pleasant color, combined with turquoise accents. The turquoise is turquoise water, so the whole bedding looks very well, especially the white pieces that are letters in old books that have a floral pattern on.

The turquoise colour of the bedding is intensified by the gold picture frame, which is coloured by the very nice brass picture rail and also by the pretty white and black frames that are painted in white. But the star is the way chosen for the headboard. It is made of a lapiano wood and stands as an example for how you can do so many things if you are the patient and the talented person who is looking for inspiration on things that should be changed or made differently, on how to change the appearance of a certain part of your house, whether it is the bedroom or your office. All these things are about to be revealed in the following photos.

Bohemian Bed Canopy By Vincent Coste Photo 3

Bohemian Bed Canopy By Vincent Coste Photo 4