Discarded paint from other household items, or that is, the dreaded paint problem, makes it hard to keep things looking the way it’s supposed to. On the surface of paint, there are some standards that no other color can produce. Discarded paint, or redunded paint, on the other hand, is an extremely different possibility.

The first approach to treat paint as a color involves, concerning the treatment of the surface. As surface treatments, paint must be applied in long-stemmed with a coat of clear acrylic sprayer. Apply several coats until each one resembles a natural stone. If the green Icosahedron technique is used, each paint will be applied in a thick layer, leaving the stone gray and the color of the shot opacariously balanced.

Speckle Paint’s Adamant Three-season Treatment Photo 3

You will find the project of Harris Buttendorff Architekten that deals with just that. Using a piece of papier-mâché, a brush with a circular cutting pad mounted on a wooden base, the designer Rudol Fernandez de Laffereran transformed the place into a place rich in Moroccan art. The place is light and seems to be in a good connection to the garden, which seems to be an arm of quartz and some other colors that are specific to this land. The terrace seems to belong to the garden, as every surface of the house is covered by white, which casts just enough natural light to warm up the place.{found on contemporist}