Although it seems like the latest trend to draw more and more attention to the bathroom, at times it’s actually the bathroom that needs this attention, not the other way around. I think it’s either because it’s an excellent functional area and not just a decorative space. It’s also the room that needs to be that way, regardless of the style interior design is. Wall paneling is very popular and also very versatile and flexible.

Today we’re going to review a rather simple but nevertheless original bathroom design. It’s an apartment located in Prague, Czech Republic. It covers an area of 64 square meters and it was designed by ZA3 ARCHITECTURE. The style chosen for the interior décor is transitional but with a strong industrial influences. It’s a bathroom that needs to be, first of all, functional. This means it has to fulfill a series of pre-conditional conditions including space, measure of construction and height.

All the materials and designs used in the process met these requirements and fulfilled them, thus the bathroom becomes more functional and more versatile. In terms of interior décor, the bathroom is like a small home with a double function, sheltering the user from unwanted views and the surroundings. It has warm colors and it’s very inviting. The atmosphere inside is inviting and welcoming. This is also a space that makes it easier to organize.

Because it’s small and it has fewer components and fixtures, the bathroom had to be as simple as possible and to take maximum advantage of every centimeter. The walls are white and so is the ceiling. There’s also a great sense of intimacy in this space. The lighting is subtle and there’s also a very nice balance of warm and cold tones and different textures.{found on micasarevista}.