Atsu city, Japan is well known for its beautiful wooden cabins made out of wood. Cabins made of this material have a very interesting appearance due to the peculiar color of the bark that covers their exterior surface. This particular set of small tree houses is not a modern design, but rather a transitional building made of wood that is placed around a smaller cabin. Designed by MOS Architects, these small wooden cabins are the perfect homes of the forested area.

The construction of these cabins is done by wooden heavy bracing that has been strengthened with concrete slabs. In addition to the timber cover, the cabins also have two roofs covered by small wooden decks. The thick bark on the exterior of these cabins makes them even more appealing by giving them a sense of wild animal spirit. In addition, the bark creates a meta-universe within the flat surfaces.

The cabins do not need to be spacious. If you are using less space, you can place a very small cabin like this one on the side of the hill. As you can see in the image, it seems to be an independent house but once you get inside, it becomes part of a bigger picture.

The different ceiling heights and the windows are used to let in as much natural sunlight as possible. I also like the fact that the cabin has several storage areas that allow you to place different items without interfering with the simplicity of the design. The design is simple and elegant. The image is quite handsome even though small and it’s probably only visible in the pictures.