Summer is the season of sports. In summer you can do almost anything out of the ordinary and you also get to work at your own office. Of course, your regular activities at work can get a bit boring with all the friends and colleagues around you. So for a cool living room design idea what i think is the combination of Marble of Sweden and the value of sports in architecture.

The sports room is designed by Marble team and it will be located in Mansfeld, Sweden.The living room will be made to feel more central and it will be prepared with comfortable furniture and a cool style.The rooms will be like a big family room.

Let’s take a look at the walls and the floor covering. There is a lot of wood involved here and this décor is actually very beautiful. It’s a warm and welcoming room, perfect to spend the holydays in.

Sports Room Design Ideas From Marble Of Sweden Photo 3

The kitchen is large and it has been recently redesigned. It’s opened and it includes an ergonomic cooking area. It’s a very functional area and it includes a big dining area and a bar.

Sports Room Design Ideas From Marble Of Sweden Photo 4

The living room and the kitchen have contrasting designs. On one hand we have the living area very simple and neutral, with colorful posters on the walls and an overall elegant and chic decoration. On the other hand, the kitchen is very bright and filled with natural light. It has beautiful white furniture and an overall minimalist look.

As you can see, this is a residence where the living room is a more formal space with a formal and elegant décor and the kitchen is a more casual area with an eclectic décor. The color palette is very restraint and includes white for the walls, solid wood and a few contrasting details in the case of the furniture. There are also colorful pieces of furniture, mostly simple, that stand out and don’t really have a purpose. But they can make a beautiful contrast with the minimalist and cold colors used for the décor.