Ruckstuhl is an Austrian based manufacturer of decorative wall items that can make wonderfully any room look stylish and inviting. Their collection called the Vola Collection, might also give us a hint related to the designs they offer in the field of decorative wall items. The collection was presented at SaloneSegal 2011.

The model is the Arno Outdoor Aesthetic Vase and it’s an eye-catching piece. The vase is entirely made of glass, which doesn’t actually make it any less effective. It takes us to the idea of doing something different, to think out of the box and to create something unique. Frosted glass makes it stand out even more. As you can see, the vase has a rectangular shape and an elegant design.

The vase has a heavy, solid base that can be either made of concrete or of metal, depending on the client’s preference. The materials require careful shaping and drilling and this might require the help of a professional. The result will be a unique, artistic piece that will make the décor stand out. It’s beautiful but it’s also quite simple.