When you can’t decide whether you want to cook something in the kitchen or do you just want to sit somewhere and enjoy the beautiful view on the city or maybe somewhere in other parts of the house. That’s why the kitchen designs are so complex and everyone has at least one in their home. It’s both a reflection of your personality and also a choice based on the fact that you need the kitchen to be practical and well-organized.

This apartment definitely has it all. It’s simple yet sophisticated and it has an industrial-inspired interior design. The kitchen is quite small. It’s separated from the living room and it’s also a bedroom. But the fact is that the living room is a spacious area with a large window and it’s also the kitchen. Given the fact that this room is situated on the ground floor, the fact that it’s sunny and equipped with large windows wouldn’t be such a big inconvenient.

Apartment Kitchen Design With An Industrial Twist Photo 2

All the rooms have large windows and this means a natural light-filled interior. The living room has black walls with white and gray accents and the kitchen has a white ceiling and white cabinets and white fixtures. The furniture is minimalist and almost all the decorations are white which helps create an airy and spacious décor.