You can paint grey all over the kitchen and it would give it a simpler and more modern look. It’s a nice and neutral color that can help create a simple, chic and elegant décor. It’s also a versatile color that can basically adapt to any other shade. Grey is also the perfect color because it’s simple and neutral and works beautifully in both black and white.

The grey backsplash and the integrated drain provide information for the kitchen while the white lower cabinetry and the geometric pattern create an eye-catching look. There’s also a very interesting balance between the rest of the kitchen décor and the new grey kitchen island. The combination is almost unnoticeable. The grey kitchen island and the grey backsplash complement each other perfectly and together they’re balanced and complement each other.

There’s also a third characteristic that we need to discuss. There are also many different types of backsplashes to choose from. The depth in which they are installed is very important in terms of contrast between the different surface materials. The backsplash can be installed at any height you want. Usually, the deeper the backsplash is, the deeper the sink the better. But the depth is also related to the type of material it’s made of, the effect it has and the relief it has to have.

Grey Brick Backsplash And Counter With An Integrated Drain Photo 3

Anyway, whatever the type of backsplash you choose it will inevitably turn out to be grey. Even through it won’t stand out that much and still remains a neutral, it’s still a shade that suits modern decors and spaces such as this one. The grey it’s a satin material which was used for the backsplash in this case but not all the time. As you can see, it doesn’t interfere with the overall décor and the atmosphere.

Gray is also a nice color for the kitchen as it is an all-white combination. But white is a gray shade and, in this case, the texture and pattern are quite enough to make the color stand out. Notice how the island is black and the backsplash is white. It’s a nice combo, simple but elegant.

Because the backsplash and the counter are so bright and powerful, a shadow of grey would have to be too strong for the kitchen. In this case, however, the shadow is minimal and exactly how you need it. The grey is perfect for the counter and the backsplash only covers it which is a nice way to maintain a minimalist and bright kitchen décor.

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