Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Steel Kitchen Islands By Ottone Meloda

A kitchen island is an essential piece in any kitchen, regardless of its style, size, and also of its function. Modern island kitchen islands are an unusual mix of functionality and style and they fit all types of kitchens. Some […]

Modern Clothing Rack By Michal Welsky

This is a clothing rack that’s both functional and beautiful. The Red Barrel is a freestanding unit with a minimalist design. It has a versatile construction which allows it to be included in both modern and traditional homes and it […]

Moveable Kitchen Island In Stainless Steel

Those that want a modern kitchen island will probably enjoy shopping for such as this unique furniture set manufactured by Monolukand. The most interesting aspect of this kitchen island is that it is made of stainless steel. This is made […]

Rolling Coffee Table By Taralynn Neville

Hand made furniture is always different than the usual ones. It has individuality and each piece of the same design has its own particularities. For example, each one of these pieces of furniture has its own characteristics. In this case, […]

Unique Armchairs

Because of their height this armchairs are perfect for small spaces. They are simple but they’re also comfortable and they come in a large variety of colors and patterns. The word “armchair” doesn’t really say anything. Anyway, these armchairs are […]

Brick Kitchen Island By Danka Design

This is a contemporary kitchen island created by Danka Design. It’s a wonderful piece for the kitchen that also allows you to cook your own food. The Danka Dining Table from the LivingKitchen collection can also be used in the […]