In the 1950s, Tennessee roof and exterior building codes were amended to eliminate virtually all enclosed kitchens. As a result, most people reacted negatively to the idea of an enclosed kitchen. Today, the focus has been placed on the cleanliness of all dwelling areas surrounding a kitchen.

Today, a whitewashed brick wall or wood appear to be the favored solution. They allow the owner to hide away all the mess from within his kitchen area. The color of the brick wall is also considered to be a clean slate for the color of the walls and floor.

In conclusion, there seems to be no matter what color it is or how it is done, the power of black and white will definitely ensure that the overall image of a house is extremely black and white.{found on countryliving}

1950s Kitchen Colors With A “Clean Slate” Look Photo 4

1950s Kitchen Colors With A “Clean Slate” Look Photo 5