Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Steel Kitchen Islands From Karakter

Kitchen islands are usually multipurpose elements. They are used for storage, for making meals and even for serving drinks and snacks. A kitchen island may also serve as a work surface, as a dining table, or as a breakfast area. […]

Wallpaper Ceiling Light – Curve That Light!

There’s something fascinating about the idea of a ceiling light fitting that resembles a genuine single bulb. Curved brackets, with a lovely pattern and nicely designed cable outlets, really deliver that ‘what you see’ aspect to a room. We’re particularly […]

World Of Lighting From Jasper Starck

Mr. Starck, the founder of American Lighting and Array, has always been a proponent of night sky art. His belief that, “Sun is not a machine, but a natural energy resource like air, and sun has been a subject of […]

Kids Bedroom Ideas From Murano Desk Group

Kids are always attracted by all kinds of attractive things, things that can make their space more attractive and beautiful. The thing is that they need all kinds of things that can make their rooms attractive and comfortable and safe […]

Modern Bedroom Vanity Ideas From Ethimo

There is no bedroom that is defined by the absence of visual and emotional accessories, the idea is that there should be a perfect balance between the visual comfortableness and the emotional support needed to achieve maximum relaxation.The bedroom collection […]

Diy Lamps Ideas For Modern Homes

Looking for a modern decoration for your home? How about some new and innovative dines? We have a very interesting collection of designer lamps for modern homes. This collection is composed of several very interesting and simple designs. The pieces […]

Bird Kitchen Decor Ideas From Ethimo

If you’re a bird lover this year, then you’ll probably like it very much. In this case, I’m going to present you a very beautiful kitchen decoration called “Bird Kitchen“. It’s a minimalist and modern arrangement of kitchen furniture positioned […]