The front entrance is the first area of your home that guests see when they come to visit and that also gives you a chance to create a beautiful or at least a memorable ambiance going ahead. Decorating the front entrance is very important. You can create a beautiful décor going around this area by using artwork, accessories, lights, sconces, etc.

The colors always need to complement each other. So if you’re using an eye-catching accent wall or a bold color for the front door, maybe you should use one of the colors in a bold manner. Yellow is a nice choice.

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If the front door is simply not matching with the décor of your home or it’s missing something, then maybe you should create a focal point towards the walls. If not, the easiest option would be to choose colorful front doors. Maybe they can feature an interesting pattern or maybe they can be simple, maybe with neutral colors.

If you don’t want the front door to stand out more than it has to, you can opt for camouflaged doors. The doors will blend in and all you need to do is paint them. This way the whole room will look like a beautiful living area or bedroom.

The color or the finish are important in determining the overall look of your front door. This one for example features a combination of wood and marbles. It’s simple and functional and it has a nice texture.

Another interesting possibility is to paint both the front door and the door frame a different color. If you want the door to match the one that the accent color brings you to, be careful. You can find some inspiration in the design featured on jenhallcottage.

When choosing the color for a front door paint can be a bit messy. You have to decide on a color for each metal. The metal of the doors can be white for a clean and bright look or you can add a bit more blue or green to get a pastel-colored look.

If you decide to paint the entire door your choice, be careful when choosing the shade of paint or the color of the walls. You can still see through the door if it’s not black or dark blue. You can also get creative and paint designs on both the door and the walls. Even though you probably won’t see the colors shine through when you open the door, the design on the door can still be effective.