If you’re the type that enjoys sleeping in and waking up in the morning after a long day of work, then you’ve probably realized by now that there are plenty of ways to decorate our bedrooms and even bathrooms to make it look stylish and relaxing. The key is to give the bed a simple and chic look and to keep things as simple and airy as possible.

This bedroom features a modern and elegant look centered around a black bed frame which stands out more when it’s facing a colorful wall. The accent wall is colored in a dark shade of blue which is two of the biggest colors in the room. This gives the room a less austere look which makes it feel relaxing and cozy.

Using a lot of different colors in a room is not always easy. When decorating a room, try to maintain balance, to use the colors in similar shades and to not interfere with the others. This bedroom has a minimalistic look, featuring a white and dark color palette which doesn’t interfere with the colors on the ceiling and the window frames.

Lighting Bedroom Ideas Photo 3

If you want the bedroom to be the place where you want to be when you’re tired, when you need a good night’s sleep and when you want to relax, a great bed can be a very important element. This one makes no exception. Beautiful red and white give the room an inviting and comfortable feel while the grey wallpaper and the dark wooden floor create the perfect balance.

Lighting Bedroom Ideas Photo 4

For this bedroom, the centerpieces are dominated by beige. The light fixtures add a little bit of drama to the décor while the patterned rug and the bed frame and the small colorful accent pieces introduce a second color theme.

Lighting Bedroom Ideas Photo 5

This is one of the bedrooms of a gift collection project. It has a traditional and simple design but the colors use it can be a little too coordinated with the style chosen for the room which makes it a little too austere. It would have been better if the bed head was the only element that distinguished it from all the other similar beds.

A great way to make a bedroom look crisp and fun is by using light colors. As for the color of the bed, it can be yellow, red, green or blue and the rest of the décor involving intricate and eye-catching details. It’s always nice to introduce new colors and to create contrast between the old and the new. In this case, the turquoise and white combo was a great choice.

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