Even though the living room is one that’s designed to accommodate a large number of people, sometimes a small and medium-sized home can just not accommodate all of them. We often see a very crowded living room that has a very small dining area or a very small living room that only accommodates one person. But even if you try to think of it as a small apartment or even a closet, the amount of people that you need to be comfortably present in the room is not a very large concern.

When you have a small home, the living area is usually one of the largest spaces in the house. So it’s very difficult to choose furniture for this space. People usually opt for large pieces of furniture that are suitable for the whole living room. So the sofa becomes the main piece of furniture, the coffee table features some storage shelves, the bookshelves are just for display and sometimes it’s also the guest bed that looms over the sofa and it’s difficult to choose what to take into consideration. In this case the most important detail is the sofa.

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Staircase is also a very important piece of furniture, because it usually needs space for a book or for the backpack and it also needs room for a comfy bed. So choosing a large piece of furniture for the living room is not a very good idea. Large sofas are a very large piece of furniture and they need plenty of space. If you are having trouble deciding on a design, here are some ideas of elegant and comfortable large sofas.

The first design is very simple. It features a traditional look, with a low back and wing-back. It’s a relatively simple piece of furniture and it’s perfect for the living room.

The second option features a somewhat different design and it’s very elegant. Usually you would opt for a large sofa and for a single couple. In this case you have a great mix. The two pieces where carefully combined and they form a very elegant piece of furniture.

The third option features a balcony.It’s a great alternative for the living room. And since it’s the balcony, the living room would be spacious and it would allow you to use it as a multipurpose space.

The last design is perhaps the most simple of all. It’s a vintage piece, with a simple look and a functional unit. The corner unit provides even more storage space and the hanging chair is a perfect addition. This is a great room where you can relax and be cozy.