Do you need a creative and smart way of decorating your bedroom? Why you should let yourself be dazzled by the walls’ transformation into a concerto? Well, let me give you a secret. When I’m watching TV in the bedroom, I usually win attention by putting together a mosaic gallery wall. But what I enjoy doing is to also decorate the room by choosing the perfect chair for me. I’m not saying that those who decorate their bedrooms should be ashamed of their looks, but actually I love the process. Why not let yourself be dazzled by the artistic possibilities you have by choosing the right interior design?

The Italian company Antoniolupi designed shoes for the Kombin collection.The collection is a set of underground compartments specializing in the decoration of shoes. The front compartment is attractive, the second one is functional and lets you see the time, the last choices and the recommendations from the specialists. I know I wouldn’t mind having a long commute just by knowing that I can wear the perfect pair of shoes and they will always be there for you.

Bedroom With Balcony And Built In Wardrobes, Both With Study Space Photo 2

The combination of underground and stylish is great. It gives you the freedom to express yourself and to decorate your home in an artistic way. The shoes are a beautiful display, useful and at the same time beautiful. I also like the round shape of the compartments, I like the contrasting color and I like the delicate curves. They give to this simple and austere piece of furniture a modern touch.