You’re probably familiar with the concept of the futon bed. It’s one of the most popular types of beds. It’s a large bed that sits on a modular platform or stands on raised platforms often enough to be ideal for kids and guest rooms but not necessarily in an adult-home such as a home or workplace. In any case, what makes this type of bed so unusual and interesting is the fact that it’s meant to be circular rather than square or rectangular.

This circular bed is part of the Loolan Collection. It’s a part of the Woolston Collection which is a series of scrable, wall-mounted storage units with unusual and original designs. The modules have a matte black finish and feature 9 drawers of two different dimensions. Each module features a small sloping shelf with room for a practical bookshelf cubby and a mirror. The series was designed by MABANGBO.

AssyouA large bed, the Giotto is part of a collection of extraordinary contemporary beds designed by Maffam Freeform. The design is simple and sculptural and the bed frame is available in mat cherry or black lacquer. The headboard can be custom ordered in case you prefer a different color. You can also choose the color of headboard and even the shape.

Circular Bed From Urbanoutfitings Photo 3

This unique bed designed by Alessandro Canepa belongs to the Insani collection and is part of the bed series created by the same designer. It has a steel frame available in black or white lacquer and three different headrests made of separate pieces of wood. It also includes a practical side table. The collection includes other similar bed designs as well as other furniture pieces that can be used to make the bedroom feel complete.

There’s no need for a large closet or a very large bedroom in order to have a beautiful and inviting bedroom. You don’t need the extra space on the walls or in the corners because you can solve this with a small bed that doesn’t exactly fit inside a wall. It can still fit in a niche or a little corner and you can still leave the rest of the room open and furniture-free. This rustic bed is a beautiful example.

Bunk beds are ideal for kids’ bedrooms because they take little floor space which can be useful in some cases. This model features a sleeper bed with a compact footboard and two beds, one on top of the other. They both have sturdy wood frames and are complemented by a set of practical drawers. It’s a design that would suit a child’s bedroom but also a lot of other settings.