Super heroes are very young man’s love. They might not realize that they are so in love with their favorite superhero or something similar. Superheroes don’t seem to have a particular type of lover. They are always different and unique and they each have their own “special” or “superhero” idea. Here are some examples of how you can make the bedroom a fantastic place where you can be sure you won’t forget anytime.

1. Funny frames with funny pictures and drawings.

Few people have a sense of humor. But when you see a picture like this you will laugh out of the blue. Here’s the rest of the details: it’s a set of four wallpaper corners glued with stickers. The funky frame is a bonus.{found on befunfree}.

2. Funny pillow covers.

This is a great idea for a rainy day. If you don’t have a favorite superhero or cartoon character, then come up with a funny design for the pillow covers.

3. Funny bedding.

Take a simple bedding and make it the center of attention. Go to the nearest thrift store or yard sale and pick up some bed sheets with a fun design.

4. Funny bat-empronings.

If you have a cape and a funny bat, why not make them the focal point for the bedroom? Make the bedding the star of the room with a calligary pattern, like this one.

5. Funny Spider.

If you find a funky spider in the house, grab the picture and call the Spider?. Show him how to act the little lady like a queen and say “Hello!”

6. Funny Straws.

For something sweet and feminine, why not make some funny straws? Stick some with pretty colors like pink, black and white and send the kids running around on them.

7. Clean Snack.

Grab a bag of nickel stencils and spray them on a wood panel and VOILA! you’ve made a great accent wall.

8. Funny socks.

For the grown-ups, why not make some funny socks? They can have the right voice as long as they’re made of some kind of cotton.

9. Flower Girl.

Start with a bunch of different flowers to cover a blank space in the kitchen or bathroom. Then have the kids glue them on in layers, starting with the bigger ones on the bottom and smaller flowers on top.

10. Stork.

Grab a bunch of old storks and use them to create a cool, contemporary accent wall. Include a variety of prints for an eclectic look.