You don’t have to be a hopeless hacker or a hopeless business for using your computer. You can be a very good one at it and a lot more talented if you just focus a bit on the common things like saving energy or buying a new computer. In fact, doing these and many other tips will help you significantly improve your work.

Energy-Star rated home computers.

I know why people go crazy when they have a strict energy star on their workspaces: that’s because it helps them save energy and money. So why should you keep your work tables for something that’s ultimately just to help you save energy? Away from the expensive and risky solutions and towards something that will make your days more pleasant and enjoyable, like this beautiful home office.

A self-sufficient home.

Mailbox Design Ideas Photo 4

The energy-saving features in this house made of solar panels, for example, would make a home like this one useless. Not only that they help with the energy-cleaning process but they also look good and we love that. It’s a great way of starting new, getting to know your own way and learning the ins and outs of how to take care of things.

Hoes and bikes inside.

Here’s how you can make your home look like a self-sufficient home, one that’s actually closer to nature than it is to the synthetic alternatives. First of all, stop. This house is made entirely of wood. It was a project by Fougeron Architecture and it’s located 45 minutes away from Vermont. They took the owners as many coats of wood as they could and they took advantage of their height.

So when you see this unusual home, with all the wood all over the place, you probably won’t be impressed at all. But it’s a start. You have to start measuring something before you make notes and equations and then you will have plenty of time to do that. It’s why making a start is the best solution.{found on houzz and pics by John Merkl}.