If you love black and white or maybe less, then you should take a look at the latest collection of the ‘accent sofa’ by this Dutch designer, Jalan. The sofa is a furnishing made of injection moulded polypropylene plastic, suitable for outdoor use. Its wide colour choice brings visual contrast holding a dignified contrast against the whiter the rest of the interior. In our opinion this is the definition of style and elegance for outdoor space.

The ‘accent sofa’ was designed by the Dutch designer Jalan to reflect the curves of the organically shaped body. The colours merge and flow smoothly past each other in order to create a pleasant acce of harmonious contrast. This sofa is great for the outdoor space, the light gets concentrated outside and the atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming. In order to cover more space, it is recommended to use a roof. If you decide to use a roof, make sure to insert a suitable heating system so you’ll be comfortably warm during the winter. All in all, this is perfect body furniture for the outdoor space.

Accent Sofa By Jai Jalan Photo 3