Many times, when you are decorating a girls’ bedroom, the main concern is to obtain a calm and serene décor where you will feel a great freedom and freedom that can allow you to do your homework, have friends over and do anything you want. The furniture has to be, first of all, very comfortable, and it should reflect their beauty and their personality.

The designer Miur came up with a very elegant collection for girls’ bedroom furniture. I mean, it has to be simple, made of high quality materials, but also very well designed. The collection is great because it includes all the girls’ dreams, and all the furniture has to be colorful, fun, stylish and nice looking. So gather all your girls’ dream girls in a collection and make them feel relaxed and comfortable in it. The collection includes a sofa, a bed, a chair, side table and stool, and also a dresser and a cabinet.

Girls Teen Bedroom Furniture From Miur Photo 2

So, if you have a big girl girl girl girl fantasy, all you need is a big piece of furniture that will be both functional and fun and to look nice. Of course, boys can be very pretentious and they like to play with things, but they need that for their own “milk” and life. So I love the unique and unusual design of this furniture set and I like the playful tone used by the designer in the photos, too. All the photos were taken by Monika Dugman.

Girls Teen Bedroom Furniture From Miur Photo 4