Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Japanese Style Garden Design

A garden in the home is the perfect place to relax and be spoiled for a few moments of quiet reflection. People like relaxing, peaceful places where they can find their interior peace. This high quality Japanese style garden design […]

Modern Privacy Fences Around The City

In a new and innovative concept, Stanford Graduate Architect, Frank Oudeman, designed a modern private fence. This innovative design, occupying a small garden in the middle of a big city, offers privacy and quiet living. Only a few feet away, […]

Patio Privacy Ideas For Modern Homes

There are many different types of patios and private gardens. They each feature their own characteristics and advantages. Some are more private than others and they are perfect for specific types of homes. Others are perfect for expansive views or […]

Small Japanese Garden House

This small piece of land in the area between two buildings is used as a private garden. In the public area you can find an open plan kitchen decorated in minimalist style and with modern elements, and in the sleeping […]