When looking for bedroom furniture for children we often find stuff made from children’s toys and materials, because that’s what kids like and reject very easily. Kids love colourful, cheerful, colorful things and they also love to play with their friends. So it’s really fun to look at product that fit their personality and that have some cool features. Today we’re looking at some contemporary bedroom furniture designs for kids.

Because kids really like to sleep in their room, the idea of a bunk bed that has always been rejected as a regular bed is not something that they would consider not suitable for their room. But, of course, this is only the opinion of one adult. In the case of children’s rooms there are a lot of great designs that would look wonderful in that type of décor. One of them is the Snow Cottage designed by Melissa Mayes. The main idea behind this design was the creation of a cozy cabin where kids can have fun and enjoy every minute of the day without feeling bored or deprived of privacy.

The main materials that were used were: wood, metal, glass and nylon as fiber that gives the cottage character and a classic style. The design has been recently revealed on the Camilla & Pinotti web site. You can enjoy more pictures of the cabins or you can even purchase one.

Bunk Beds For Kids: What’s Your Favourite Room Style? Photo 4

Bunk Beds For Kids: What’s Your Favourite Room Style? Photo 5