Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Bathroom Ottoman From Mica

Flexibility is essential in modern homes. When you have a house the working space becomes a living area and the sleeping area a loft bed. A tubular ottoman from Mica is perfect for both functions. It looks like a spacious […]

Small Japanese Garden House

This small piece of land in the area between two buildings is used as a private garden. In the public area you can find an open plan kitchen decorated in minimalist style and with modern elements, and in the sleeping […]

Fashion Bedroom Collection From Prada

For the interior designer, a space should be a combination of decorative and practical objects that should show your personal style. The bedroom is a room that should inspire you comfort and privacy.Prada presents you a beautiful bedroom collection called […]

Garden Water Features And Patio

When designing a garden it’s always important to pay attention to the views. For example, a colonnade can energize a landscape and feature natural sounds, while a roof garden can offer views of sky, clouds, and other things. A patio […]