Who would have thought that books can be so useful and chic? Well, it’s true and we’re happy to show you this beautiful collection of bookshelf decorations. Some bookshelves are simply made of books but this doesn’t make them useless. In fact, sometimes a bookcase can be more than just a simple storage space where we place our books, magazines and other items we often read. Some bookshelves can even be designed to look like a regular bookshelf but that’s not the case with these ones.

These bookcase decorations are meant to stand out and to add character to the room. The bookcase is made of wood and MDF and it’s custom designed to suit any space. It can be used as a standalone piece or it can be attached to an existing furniture piece. They can be stacked or glued on the wall and they come in a variety of different finishes. They vary from 1 to 5 cm deep. The bookcase is only available in binding form and it can be either made of solid wood or solid lacquered MDF. The individual bookshelf panels are made of solid wood and they are wrapped in resin or faux leather.