This is a very beautiful and artistic hanging light. It’s a DIY project that can be made in a few minutes. All you need is a wood branch, some jute or cotton floss, a hook, and a few hooks. You can also use a similar project with any other material that you have. All you need to do is hang the branch somewhere on the stairs, make light marks (maybe 4-5 small hooks) and then hang it from there. You can also mount it on the wall in front of the window.

This project might seem pretty simple but there’s actually more to it than you seem. You need to find a fallen tree branch, clean it up, remove all the soil and seeds, make a hole in the middle and attach the hooks. Then also add the screws and drill a little hole through the branch.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

Diy Hanging Light For The Staircase Photo 2

Hanging lanterns.

Diy Hanging Light For The Staircase Photo 3

When you think about it, a hanging lanterns would be perfect for the staircase. The light will be diffuse and the wind will be anonymous and quiet. The illumination is provided by the round cutouts and the curtains.{found on inmyownstyle}.

Diy Hanging Light For The Staircase Photo 4

This project is similar to the one before. The difference is that the circles are repositioned and they’re not really bolts in them. The whole project is really simple. Take a yarn rope and tie a knot. Decide where you want to hang the candles and then wind it tightly like a piece of paper. Tie two other pieces of rope and repeat the process.{found on befickle}.

If you want, you can also place a magnet strip on the wall behind the staircase. That would make the whole experience a little more interesting. Trace a circle onto the mat and cut out the shape. Then put a tiny black light bulb inside.{found on site}.

A house number could also be a nice project to do for the kids. To make it you’ll need some string, a compass, a magnet, masking tape and paint. Find a stencil or come up with your own. Then print it out and tape it to the wall or to the door.{found on hamptons}.

Pipe messages are a lot of fun to make. You can lay out the letters on the staircase, in the foyer or anywhere else you want. Use metal pipes and fittings. Hammer them in place and attach them to the wall. Then use tape to make the message disappear.{found on decorhacks}.

Use the pipe strips to make an interesting frame for a mirror. You can screw them into the wall or anywhere else you want. Paint the pipes and then attach the mirror.{found on thefridgesecaucus}.

Another unusual idea would be to make a moon clock. You need an empty glass jar, painted or partially filled with paint, glue and a clock mechanism. Remove the label and put a piece of canvas inside the jar. Glue it in place. Then make the front and back pieces of the clock and glue them together.{found on theredchairandthepeople}.

Here’s a very simple and ingenious project. You can make black coffin doors for your home if you just add a little bit of paint and some cloth. If you’re creative you’ll even make your own design.