Antique closets started being useful only a few years ago. With time, things changed. Closets started being small and elaborate-looking. Davis is the latest designer in that sense. The Antique closet system has a structure that was inspired by the structure of the ‘50s.

The Antique closet closet system features a five step system. You have to first hole up the top component, put on the middle part and then fold the remaining two ‘ups’ to the open space underneath it. This way you can achieve floor space underneath. Further more, you can just trace an oval on the wall and draw a rectangle in the space. It can be simply diagonal or it can be an angled shape. You can just make a round hole and another one in the area above the central part.

There are several versions of this system. There’s the Cleat Hook from Martin Kitchens, for example, with hardware that fits 5.5? by 10? diam. It can be order in blue, black, grey or gold and it can be order in a variety of colors via clear glass panels and matching hardware. This closet, although small, measures 69”H x 31.5”W x 21.5”D and offers lots of storage space for small objects. Order it online now from Martin Kitchens.

Antique Wardrobe Closet From Tim Davis Photo 3

Antique Wardrobe Closet From Tim Davis Photo 4