This apartment is located in Vasastaden, in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s situated in a former warehouse that has been converted into apartments in the 20th century. The building was originally built in 1892. It has a complex and it covers an area of 98 square meters.The apartment that is currently looking for a new owner is looking for a size of 2-3 bedrooms.

The building is located on the third floor of the warehouse. It has been converted into apartment and it covers an area of 64 square meters. The apartment includes 2 cozy bedrooms with a single bathroom. It’s a small space and it’s mostly made of wood and steel. The new owner is willing to let the architect show him the interior of the apartment. The interior of the apartment was painted white and this creates a nice and crisp look. Most of the internal walls have been removed and only the raw steel details remained.

The living room is linked to the bedroom and it also features a double bed with a double bedside table. Since it was such a spacious space, the apartment also had an open floor plan. It features an entrance hall, a kitchen and dining area, a lounge area with panoramic views of the surroundings and a bathroom. The rooms are relatively small but they are functionally divided along the distribution of the apartment.{found on designboom}.

One Bed Apartment In A Former Warehouse Photo 3

One Bed Apartment In A Former Warehouse Photo 4