Kids love to see how their environment influences their rooms and even their homes. They want to ask for comfort and they enjoy to experiment, to explore new worlds and to imagine new ways of how they could better manage their daily life. It’s why they love to decorate their homes and to make them attractive. They also like the opportunity to see their parents and other family members that might be more attentive with some practical items for them.

It might sound like a cliché, but this is actually a really clever and ingenious idea. Isn’t it funny how a simple brick wall can be turned into a series of funny items for your kids? They can collect these items and put them somewhere they can reach and where they can see them. It’s a way of letting them express their curiosity and passion. And in this case the design was particularly inspired from the work of Frank Gehry.

The brick wall has been arranged in a random manner as to give your kids the creative freedom they want. The combinations of color are very fresh and quiet. The wall is a modern place, with a black and white theme that will satisfy almost any kid.