If you’re living alone and you lack the space for a separate bathroom, then this is the perfect solution. The Calico project allows you to create a special enclosure for yourself with little effort and money. This way you can cut a hole in the wall and you will have a self-watering planter which you can fill with different types of plants or even greenery and display in there.

The project was originally designed as an indoor garden but it can be easily turned into a beautiful hanging wall garden. The Calico system is very simple. It’s made of solid wood and has a black finish. It’s great for the bathroom where you can create a very relaxing atmosphere. The system is mounted to the ceiling and requires hardwiring to complete it. It’s a great way of extending a small portion of the room and of adding a new attractive element to a room.

The Calico system is very convenient. You can use it to plant all sorts of flowers and it’s suitable for indoor use only. However, it’s a neutral piece that doesn’t include any sort of colorful plants or trees. It’s just a wall mounted system and it has a very simple design. It comes in four colors: black, white, yellow and blue and it can be purchased for $28.90. The system is made of solid wood and it comes with mounting hardware.

Living Wall Indoor Garden By Calico Photo 3

Living Wall Indoor Garden By Calico Photo 4