Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Rustic Wood Wall Partrials

This wall features a very interesting arrangement of wooden parts that started from the floor and continued into the upper shelves. The idea was to create a warm interior design with a rustic feel by using this movement in its […]

Oversized Pendant Light By Berti Brothers

Berti Brothers are famous for their colorful and artistic lamps. Their collection of oversized pendant lights is a modern and abstract interpretation of the traditional lighting fixtures. It’s a collection that includes two different models. One is the Slab Pendant […]

Lighting Decor Ideas To Decide On

Choosing the lighting fixtures for your home can be a real nerve-racking activity. The lighting needs to be bright enough to create a pleasant atmosphere, but it also needs to be subtle enough to allow you to relax and to […]

Modern Gray Bathroom Design

The bathroom is usually the simplest room of the house. It gets its name from the fact that it’s a part of the house itself. When designing and decorating a bathroom, most people usually focus on functionality. Still, the decorative […]