Located in Moscow, Russia, the “Air Filter House” was designed by MEI Consultants. Air filter houses are now starting to develop worldwide and will be able to filter the quality and air in the house to which they are attached. The design of the building makes that possible and the building will start to purify the air of the room it houses for sickness all year round. The Passive House has a square floor plan of 300 square meters and can be easily defined as a large “pod” thanks to the fact that it has no solid walls and doors. Made of recycled materials, the building has an eco-friendly construction. The heating and cooling system is cross-ventilated and the light enters from the wide opening in the roof. The façade of the building is all glass and has a large number of large windows that bring in an abundance of natural light. The interior is very serene and balances simplicity with natural wood work and natural colors.The passive house is more located in the forest than the house because of the wood that used to cover most of the space. This was also done to make the house Durandib Eccnoe re-invented and to allow for more sun and air.{found on designboom}