Today we’re going to look at something that’s both elegant and interesting. It’s the Pendant Shade Lamp by Vaskeo. It has a very simple and classical design but with a modern twist. The lamp is made of metal with a chromed finish and it measures V12.5 x D31.5 x H31.5. It can be bought for $230.00. You can use two or three pendant lights like this one to create a symmetrical décor.

The Pendant Shade Lamp is crafted from solid wood. The dimensions of the lamp are H 48? x W 20? x D in. It has a rustic look but its design seems to perfectly suit the modern home. The main reason why this beautiful piece is so beautiful is because of the suede shade that, combined with the copper finish and the patterned accent features, gives us the perfect mix of styles.

The pendant shade is available in black or white. The light that strikes it is reflected on the copper structure that supports it. This gives the pendant a fashion-forward look. The shade is not included. Of course, because of its relative simplicity, you can probably use it as a lamp in the dark. It would make a unique decoration as a focal point in the living room or as a nightstand for the bedroom.