The bedroom is the area of the house that is usually the coziest and most relaxing place from the rest of the house. If you want your bedroom to be a relaxing and calm space then you should choose a design that focuses on features like natural light, cozy and, of course, color.

This bedroom has beautiful white walls and natural stone texture and it integrates beautifully into the décor. Two main elements advantage for this bedroom are the bed and the headboard. The headboard provides a more intimate feeling and it masks the bedding. The footboard is a great feature as well because it allows you to choose cozy bedside lamps that will light up the room in a very subtle way.

This bedroom interior décor is very nice, cozy and relaxing. The canopy bed adds the coziness of the bedroom but, in a way, it also makes it feel like a little home. The color palette is restraint and only includes colors used in one place: the bedding and none of the other decorative features.

Attic Bedroom Design Ideas Photo 3

As you can see, the bed is the main piece in this room. However, the bed and headboard are beautiful focal points and the rug has the second role of blending into the décor. The subtle lighting is a very important detail in this case. To perfection, texture is added to this room and we can see that in the mirror, the curtains and the accent pillows.

Attic Bedroom Design Ideas Photo 4

This bedroom is perfect. It has a very casual and relaxing look but, in the same time, the color palette is not as cold and chic as we’ve seen before. Instead, this is a warm and inviting space. The fireplace is the twist here. On one hand, the furniture chosen has a more modern style but on the other hand the floor-to-ceiling windows open up the room to the outdoors and the views.

Attic Bedroom Design Ideas Photo 5

This is a bedroom with a contemporary interior décor. The ceiling is white but there’s also a second color available, a darker shade of grey. The contrast between the white ceiling and the other accent elements is very visible. The wall and the art are the springboard. Then there’s also the wall art and the interesting shape of the lamp. The headboard is sweet and sweet, with those floral patterns.

We went through this room without even realizing it was about the gray ceiling. The walls are white but there’s also a third color present, this time a very bold shade of red. It’s a unexpected detail but also a very nice accent detail.

I’d say that this room is surprisingly warm and inviting. The whole décor is simple but warm and comforting. The cherry red is used as an accent detail in the rug for the cozy bedroom. The wall bookcase is also an eye-catching piece. Overall, the room is surprisingly warm and cozy. Maybe it’s the color of the ceiling, the way the rugs and curtains are positioned or the color of the walls, but the texture and pattern of all the elements is very beautiful and inviting.

This is a relatively simple bedroom but it’s also very charming. The cherry red gives it a strong personality and the green accents are very nicely spread throughout the room. Although similar to the previous bedroom, this one has some small differences. The color is still aquamarine and the pattern is less striking.

This bedroom also has some similarities with the previous examples. However, the colors are different and so are the patterns. The bedding is also more colorful and simple and the whole décor is not that much different from the ones presented so far. But if we also take into consideration the theme, the result is much more complex and dynamic.

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