Have you ever imagined how it would be like to live in a small space with only one room and bathroom? Well, it’s a little bit hard to imagine that small space but there are also a lot of great small houses out there that were designed to look charming and beautiful. One of them is a small flat in London which was designed by Oliver Burns.

The owner wanted it to be a simple and warm home. He loved the balance between the cold and minimalist décor that the apartment had and the cozy and warm atmosphere inside. At the same time he wanted it to be a very welcoming home. For that he asked the designers to create a layout inspired by the original 19th century designs. The flat has a fully equipped bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub and a cozy sliding wooden door that leads to the bedroom.

The flat has an impressive floor space of 4,300 square feet. The kitchen measures almost 3,200 square feet and the living room is around 900 square feet. There’s also an additional sleeping area that covers a surface of 550 square feet. This new interior design is the perfect home for Mr. Ramon E. Urbain. It really feels like home. There are numerous unique architectural elements inside the apartment and this is only one of them.{found on nytimes}

Lantern Diy Small Cozy Small House In England Photo 4