When you decorate your home you have to be very careful not to have too many objects that can make too much space. For example when you want to choose your furniture for the room you must make sure for what you want you must have a certain number of objects that will be necessary to support the whole design. And you must also be very careful when choosing the leather side tables or other furniture pieces like the chairs. They can create too much trouble if you have too many of them. Fortunately you can find some very bright and happy leather chairs that can be used for a great variety of things, among which the table.

This nice looking Nocta leather sofa designed by Permoli is perfect for the living room where you can use it for a coffee table and to make a nice addition to that room or to simply place it in any corner of the house and to look at it from out of the window. The sofa has a modern design and is bright yellow and very easy to match with other colors, also allowing the colour to change as you want.

The material of choice for this sofa is polyurethane and this really makes it look amazing, giving it a personal touch in time, when you can turn it into a very good decorative object. You can match it with almost any colour of sofa and you can choose the right black leather to make it even more special andto match the rest of the living room design. The sofa is available in black and white and can be purchased for $1800.