The “playroom” part of the kids’ room has always been a fun place to decorate. This is because nothing really compares with a place where kids spend a lot of time. It’s also a place where they can play, read, color, have fun, just like adults do.

The Japanese designer, Ha-fam desai, has created a very versatile and very functional furniture series. The main idea behind this collection was the exploration of the sonia tree, which is actually more than a tree. It’s a collection of furniture that resembles a tree and washes these pieces in the bathtub. Each “flower” is molded after a natural tree, featuring a sleek, paper-like design.

Playroom Cafe Furniture By Ha-fam (haphan) Photo 2

The collection includes two very beautiful and versatile sofas. The “Nest”, as the name suggests, is a versatile and very comfortable two-seater sofa. Like most of the furniture pieces from this collection, it has a compact design and it’s very soft and comfy. The “Belle”, on the other hand, is more robust and taller. This is due to the fact that it’s an armless piece of furniture and its design allows it to be comfortable in a variety of different positions. The “Teak”, despite its name, is the most elegant piece from the “Nest” collection. It has a double function and it can be sued either as a sofa or a chaise lounge. The “Nest”, the smaller of the two armless pieces, offers you the possibility to enjoy a hot bath in the hot and sunny summer without feeling the need to run around.

Playroom Cafe Furniture By Ha-fam (haphan) Photo 3