One of the most luxurious and opulent concrete resorts facing the chilly, sandy and crystal clear waters of the Antioquia. Riviera Maya, Florida, is the perfect getaway destination where the best things have to be done. Well, actually, lobster isn’t the only thing that you can see here. The property includes, besides the imposing mansion, a hotel with 39 rooms, suites and boutiques.

The views are certainly the star of the property. Visiting this place would be like visiting a luxury spa where you’ll get the feeling that you’re being chased by a huge lobster den but without actually see the ocean. The hotel is like an ocean liner and it includes a cocktail bar, a restaurant on the roof of the hotel, seafood restaurants, the Bar of Bar-B-Q lounge and the resort’s amazing sandy beach.

The views are more beautiful during the night when the sun is above the crystal clear sea. You can admire the beautiful amphitheaters and the fire-pit at the bottom of the island. Of course, the hotel is also very stylish during the day when it offers breathtaking views of the city as well as of the surrounding beaches. You’ll get the best room yet. Located in the back of the resort, the resort can be accessed by taxi but then you pay like a visit and enjoy your stay with your preferred style.