When you have a collection of unique items or priceless ornaments you definitely want to place in accessible and attractive display space. Nowadays people focus more on providing display space than storage space.

That’s why this drawer is so special. It’s a one-of-a-kind furniture piece. It looks so unique and it has lots of character. The bottom drawer is made from solid oak wood and it has a dark finish. It’s sealed with lacquer and this also makes it extremely versatile. The drawers look like baskets or boxes but they have a double function. They serve as storage spaces but they can also be used as show storage spaces.

The drawers are made from two different types of wood. They are made from solid oak which gives them a more beautiful and interesting look and it’s also a material that gets more beautiful as it gets age. The wood gets warmer as it matures and the drawers are perfect for storing all sorts of items, from clothes to jewelry. They are very charming and they add so much personality to the room.

Towel Display Space Photo 3