It’s 1970’s. Grey is sleek. It’s glamorous. It’s eclectic. It’s a good use of grey in the nursery. The combination of grey with mint green is classy and modern, and the addition of the orange highlights the overall look of the space.

This particular nursery was designed by A Trend in the Mass Media and the theme is “filled with the soul of classic children’s books.” Designers kept the color palette similar in the general nursery, but added playful pinks and blues to create a space full of joy and personality.

The combination of rich, dark greys with mellow yellow is unexpected and sophisticated, adding a dash of edge to the space. Of course, that isn’t to say the color cannot be used in a tasteful way.

A limited quantity of greenery in a room make it an ideal time to go green on the budget, if the rest of the room is covered in organic materials.

A vivid bedroom is a vivid room that will immediately draw visitors – and probably much of the imagination – with its lush display of blooms. This botanical room is a bargain buy in the budget store, but it is definitely a looker.

Again, this room isn’t necessarily blessed with green, but the natural light that filters in creates an excellent modern atmosphere that would fit today’s minimalist bed.

It’s also a great example of a value-expensive bedroom. Notice how the most expensive white throw pillow in the space is a simple throw, for cushion height.

Most of the time, grey is used in moderation in a room that is decorated with clean lines and contemporary accents – but in this case, it is the grey that truly shines.

A minimalist space needs a lack of glutious decor, but a dose of something really bold can be effective. This coral-inspired sitting nook is the perfect illustration.

Incorporate navy into a space to create a sense of depth and the ability to multitask. This chic grey chaise in black keeps the blue color palette from feeling too stark; rather, it feels relaxing and cozy.