Futuristic micro houses are actually very interesting and they are becoming increasingly popular both in the general and the specific regions where they are well suited for living. The new design of these micro houses is called the “Micro Houses” and it refers to the new wave of experimentation with shipping containers. These structures are 150 square feet in size and they are illuminated using reflective materials that are disguised as reflective disks. The secret of their unique appearance is that they have no exposed steel framework.

The micro house reflects its environment and it can be easily replaced if it’s needed. They have the same shape and even the same color. They are entirely powered by a wind turbine and they take less than 6 hours to light up, sometimes less than 1 hour. They were an innovative idea that got popular thanks to its success and potential. They take us back to a time when people were more sophisticated and practical and took advantage of their environment and let us enjoy it with luxury.

Micro houses don’t really need a big and they can accommodate a third gender and it would still feel like home. It’s actually better to be able to accommodate two people on top of a tiny house that can be sneaked around with ease. These micro homes are very affordable and they allow people to be creative and to think outside the box.