Today we’re going to explore the world of dining rooms that are part of a huge relaxation and entertainment zone. The combination of modern furniture and classical accents creates something unique that is perceived as sophisticated and elegant.

Bohemian dining rooms can be divided into a small semi-open kitchen, a large dining room which can accommodate four persons, a common dining room which is perfect for two parents that like to meet and spend time together, a children’s room and a guest room. As you can see in the pictures, the dining room features a huge table made of wood and black marble that seems to be the favourite and probably the most important piece of furniture for the entire house.

I can see how cooking is an important part of this design and I like how the kitchen is separated from the living room by a small wall that also provides a background for the family room. I also like the way in which the decorative objects are scattered throughout the house and I like the masterpieces that seem to be made by famous names like the Eames, Varelles, Knoll and Vitra along with their distinctive features.

Bohemian Dining Room Furniture By Jessica Larrinac Photo 3

The place is also very cozy, a place where the family is invited to stay for a whole week. For this particular house they have to leave as soon as possible in order to take care of their activities and have the time they need. Which is why the kitchen has been divided into three areas: the social, the leisure area and the homely area.

Bohemian Dining Room Furniture By Jessica Larrinac Photo 4

The stone stairs and the white walls create the feeling of a bigger space even though it’s only a real circle. I also like the suspension light over the dining area, it’s beautiful and modern. The whole house is lovely, especially since it’s surrounded by greenery. It’s a great place for relaxation.