If you’re planning on decorating your home or breaking the bank, Heidi Caillat is a must-see. One of the most talented designers out there, she knows her stuff. This is evident in her line of business, as well as in her wholesale decorating work. Taking a cue from top fashion designers like Louis Vames and Tiffany Jacobs, Heidi Caillat has created interiors that are both magnificent and practical. The inspiration she draws inspiration from nature and herself as well as from the battle between life and death. Here are some of her most creative uses of color and inspiration.

1. Life in Pictures.

Summer Interiors By Heidi Caillat Interior Design Photo 2

These are not just snapped snaps! Rather than purchasing some and placing them in the closet, Heidi created a collection of life scenes, such as jumping on the saddle, waving through the forest, or enjoying a romantic dinner with her husband in the distance.

2. Full-Concept Photos.

Sometimes we need a good dose of color in our lives. So why not bring some great family pictures into the mix besides the usual shots we get at home. Experience a scene through photos, and then download the full presentation. This is a great way to circulate the pictures based on which you can’t really follow them.

3. Memo and Prints.

A beautifully designed memo board can be a great way to show appreciation and gratitude or house a collection of favorite words or favourite phrases. Use the board to keep yourself ever-changing updates on your surroundings as you go through the day.

4. Shop for Accessories.

Remember that most of us don’t have a matching set of clothes and accessories to store our inner boho ways. Instead, have a variety of pieces or two randomly positioned. This isn’t only a stylish way to show off your latest clothes for the upcoming holidays, it’s a space where you can let your artistic side shine through.

5. Holiday Squircles.

Clearly, if you’re into the twinkly, whimsical or nautical look, you’ve got to make your guest feel welcome from the room. You can create an ombre design, sprinkle them around the room, or go for the blackout alarm clock. Go fro and let your guests have a good jogging buddy in the guest room!

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