This apartment is located in Barcelona, Spain, in an old building surrounded by thick residential density in the Gracia neighborhood. It was designed in 2011 by YLAB Arquitectos and it has a well-defined interior, with dark colors and pronounced industrial-rustic elements. It’s a space where all the walls are covered with paneled leather panels and where the rooms also include patios and balconies, a last one deliberately hidden by wooden paneling.

Even though it’s an eclectic apartment, one of the goals of the project was to create a clear hierarchy between the spaces. On one hand the apartment is organized in a series of volumes, on the other hand there are three ceilings and two hallways, making the transition between them easier and smoother. To make the transition easier and to also create a more harmonious atmosphere, the interior décor is scattered with warm colors.

Modern Eclectic Apartment In Barcelona By YLAB Arquitectos Photo 2

The kitchen is small and it also includes a dining area that can accommodate up to 8 people. The living room is a double-height space featuring brick walls painted white and wooden flooring. The white wall contrasts with the gray ceiling and the kitchen but this doesn’t make the décor any less inviting or pleasant. In fact, color is added in other ways.

The painter Sebastião Churin designed this apartment as a tribute to the late American artist Eisen Eebert. He used a series of vintage porcelain lamps and early American fireplace from the 60s. The wall décor is both simple and colorful, the combination of warm and cold colors being a beautiful blend.