Do you think your home could use a little extra cheer right now? You’re not the type to buy a ton of furniture or stick to the shelves full of accessories. On the other hand, you may think that a floor with a dresser or a showroom-style carpet can’t handle a draped wall. No problem! You can get a lot of amazing looks for your floor by adding some bohemian-style wallpaper to the mix. In fact, you may find yourself enjoying this look all the time and not taking it off the top of the walls! Check out these ideas and more…

We start with the classic and practical combination of floral and wallpaper. This floral pattern is the perfect backdrop to a sleek, modern room. Note how it’s layered in a stairwell, giving the space an extra special dash of style! [from Lonny]

Bohemian Style Rooms With A Feminine Twist Photo 2

This next room is another great example of a wallpaper-driven boho look. Note the use of gold as a contrast to the purple wall, as well as the way both rich hues and pastel tones are brought together by the floral wallpaper. This space is sleek, chic and elegant! [from Lonny]

Bohemian Style Rooms With A Feminine Twist Photo 3

Boho meets old-fashioned style in this next space. We’re loving the combination of floral wallpaper and retro lamps, as well as the feminine touches such as the abstract artwork on the wall and stylish ottoman. [from]

Hint: pairing wallpaper with a bold color can be a great way to make a space pop! Other great additions include patterned bedding, shop-bought accessories and interesting artwork. [from Lonny]

If you’re not a fan of using wallpaper to add color to a room, try using it in an area that needs some pop. In this next image from Lonny, we see how a aqua blue wall can bring blue sky indoors. The space also uses patterned curtains, as well as other stunning hues. [from Lonny]

Floral Patterns

It’s interesting how a simple word, “flower,” can lead to such a captivating design of a floral patterned wall. The key is to use the right floral print, such as the blue example below. The floral pattern is an important accent in white space. [from Lonny]

There’s something so charming about a small floral reminder. It can even be one of the last pieces you add to your gallery wall even if you have plenty of other favorites! The image below was shared by @myhoustongirl.

Another fun idea is to use flowers to make a bold statement! Even if you pick a small flower arrangement, having it displayed at the center of your gallery wall makes a big impact. [from Lonny]

Accent Wall

This next idea is one of the most creative. Instead of hanging a large mirror or painting a canvas on the wall, try hanging a small selection of framed photographs rather than a gallery. Plus, you can easily change out one or two photos as you hang them! [from Becki Peckham via Houzz]

If you try to create a gallery of only one item, such as a set of orange photographs, try mixing and matching objects with once-included artwork or vignettes. [from TSChr}.

A visual feast featuring only one item… That’s certainly not a look for everyone! But if you’re feeling really gutsy, choose some last-minute artwork that you can afford! [from Emerick Architects]

And of course, sometimes less is more. Like a candy cane-style display of a family of colorful bananas! [from Lonny]

Tell us about your favorite collections and any new ideas you’ve included in your gallery wall. Tell us about your favorite collections and ideas. We’re interested in hearing about your favorite items for the holidays. Whether they were featured on the new collections featured above or not, we trust that they will inspire us to transform and/or embellish our own spaces!