These are the asian rooms. They are one of the best choices you can make for your home. The asian rooms are usually quite simple. They feature a rich color palette with soft and bright shades and it’s usually very difficult to determine the difference between the two types. However, sometimes it can be easy to distinguish between the two by themselves. They differ and can be adapted to the space that you have available.

The asian rooms are basically small rooms with an open floor plan. Because of the asianness of the rooms, even the heads of the children ask you to leave the bed lower and to place it near the window. It’s an aid to research and study space that also needs to be ours for the rest of the day. The main disadvantage of this type of rooms is that they tend to occupy a lot of space. They can make a big difference once you realize how to decorate them.

Now that you know the basics about these styles, let’s also take a look at a few examples and see how other people have set up similar informal spaces.

The rooms are usually very serene and relaxing. The asian rooms tend to follow the same pattern. They are often quite bright and either have floor-to-ceiling windows or don’t have enough high ceilings. The asian rooms are usually not only for relaxation and not meant to serve as lectures. They include areas such as reading corners and meeting spaces.

Situation of the rooms is very important. Each room is already oriented to the side that needs privacy and has the least number of windows and other fixtures and accessories that obstruct the natural light from getting in. Then there’s the deck or patio. These rooms are also the space in between the office and the living room. It’s a huge empty space and you have to make sure you take good advantage of it.

The bedrooms are usually the most private. They feature flat screens and closed curtains and they almost always have no windows. The only light comes from the ceiling and the light pours through the horizontal slit on the wall. This way there’s no need for a window and the view is uninterrupted.

The asian rooms are also the spaces where the indoor-outdoor areas meet. They are specifically designed to receive guests or as a meeting space. They usually have cozy fireplaces and simple interiors with stone walls and wooden furniture. It’s a unique space that allows us to enjoy the beautiful views but to also benefit from other spaces such as the library, the living room or other functions.