People have always been fascinated by the colors blue and green and they tried to surround them with all sorts of colors, using different constructions and models. Blue is the color of the clear sky and also of the clear sea and water. It is believed that the color blue cuts the hole in the brain, just like the image of the swimming pool which divides the blue world and the blue sea.Olympic swimming medals remind us of this fact.

Why don’t we all love the mint green walls of a hotel? They are so lovely and sweet and perfect for a big family or for a large room. If you are impressed by the mint walls, the blue accessories that are around the house or the decor of the museums, you may choose the same tone of blue for all your things and the result will be a different interior design.

A house that has a mint green wall or a blue couch will bring joy to your house and will inspire you happiness and make you feel great. The mint walls may bring you peacefulness and privacy so that you can enjoy your time Alone in the house or maybe you can use them for hiding away your small house from the others.They will also make you feel rich and rich and will make you enjoy all the beauty of your house.

Blue Interior Design Idea From Antoni Associates Photo 3

Blue Interior Design Idea From Antoni Associates Photo 4