The blueberry Redda is one of the hottest colors just last week and we are extremely happy to show you this color spread across the room today. The Redda shade is a great fit for all rooms of the house whether it is the living room or kitchen. The room with apple green on the table, chair and rug is warm and welcoming. You can use similar colors or even create your own by taking the rugs in the corners and pairing them with certain colors on the chairs. Like all the other colors in this list, this green room is youthful and lively.

I personally like turquoise especially and members of the fen or feather family. This dining room is particularly brightening and cheerful due to the vibrant colors on the turquoise upholstery but also the table cloth and the handmade decorations. The chandelier is one of the most eye catching items in the room and it is paired marvelously with this color.

Fruit Designs By Joaquim Tenreiro Photo 2

Speaking of which, I love this room so much that I’m sick not to have it as a separate room but rather a gallery. With the feeling of a luxurious spa the room is stunning and the serene lighting is ideal for taking a nap.

Fruit Designs By Joaquim Tenreiro Photo 3

This room is so stunning because it has so much versatility. It can easily become a separate room, it can be combined with the rest of the house, it’s an elegant and charming room but it can also be part of an open floor plan that includes the living room and dining area, it’s a more romantic design with a sophisticated décor.

Fruit Designs By Joaquim Tenreiro Photo 4

This gorgeous bedroom has a neutral theme that has been combined with quirky decorative accessories that have been used to embellish the overall design of the room. A handmade wooden bed from Guy Jacobs is used in combination with modern art, colored decorative pillows that can easily be substituted with pictures taken directly from the bedroom.

Definitely not boring, this bedroom is vibrant and colorful. It is a mixture of bold and delicate details, warm and dark tones and vibrant colors. The side tables have different shapes and different colors while the curtains are colorful and very artistic. The side tables are also unusual, featuring different shapes and colors.

One thing I love about this bedroom is the painted glass ceiling that gives it a very artistic and impressive look. The overall design is very simple but elegant and modern. The color palette is restraint and it preserves the structural structure of the room. What is interesting is the idea of combining different styles and elements in a totally different areas. I would say that this room would probably be great chose for a family of girls.

I’m sure you all know that Angela Adams did it once and for all when decorating your home. You can see several examples of this personality and the only thing that differs is the final look. Regardless of the type of room you have chosen as inspiration this bedroom created by Ginger and Jagger will surely catch your eye.