When designing a bathroom it’s always difficult not to choose a color and a tone that match well with the rest of the décor, especially when the room is tiny. The key is to make sure you don’t clash with the rest of the designs. For example, if you want bathroom to be bright and airy, get light-colored floor tiles and alternates of tones and shades. If you want it to feel intimate and cozy, maybe get something from the nature instead of using artificial colors.

Another idea is to get yourself a minimalist, even painted bathroom floor. If you’re creative you can paint it in an abstract style or in a color that stands out. If you feel like the décor doesn’t allow you to do that, maybe you can try to add texture and color to the floor. To make the floor comfortable, you can try wearing some absorbent furniture like pillows or blankets.

The color or the pattern you choose for the floor can match the rest of the room or it can be an accent feature. Also, the floor can feature a warm or cool color and this allows the room to feel harmonious and very relaxing. To make the bathroom feel cozy and comfortable, you should also try to have lots of light in the bathroom.

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