We all have our hobbies and reasons to share them with friends and family. For those who fall into the second category we have a special item we’ve never thought of: a snowflake. It’s an item that usually represents spring but not snowflake. However, some designers took this idea and improved it, creating a snowflake hanging from a white fabric which can either be a piece of paper or anything else you can find in the house.

This is the coat hanger snowflake. It’s made from white fabric and it can be used as a decoration for the entryway or hallway. It all depends on what type of ornaments you’re planning to use but the idea is simple. All you need is the white fabric, some scissors, glue and snowflake-shaped cuties. You can find more details about this project on craftberrybush.

Classic Christmas wreaths are usually full of Christmassy decorations like a garland of tree branches, a wreath of fruits and a glass ornamance like a tiny Christmas tree. But what if you don’t want all those ornaments? In that case you can just display a small ornamel on the door. It can be a small wreath, some mini clothespins, a card or sticker letters, something like that. You can find more inspiration on Cabin_spring.

Coat Hanger Snowflake By Faria Lemlig Photo 3

You can also be creative and turn something, like a string of Christmas lights, into a lovely Christmas tree. It’s an idea that comes from georgeandwalda and we find it very clever. Start by attaching the lights to the roof of the door and then line it with paper, white thread and a large candle. This area is where you can improvise a selection of ornaments and turn the lights into ornaments that you can later take down and place inside the tree.

Not all Christmas decorations have to be white and red. In fact, black seems like a much better choice for some of those decorations. And since black is a neutral color, you can mix it with cheerful green and beautiful blue or with pastels and even some green accents if you want to put a touch of color in the room. {found on karaspartyideas}.

In addition to all the typical Christmas decorations such as wreaths, garlands, candies, bonfires and so on, you can also find some novelty stuff like this cardboard barricade used as an eye-catching wreath for the fireplace.{found on karaspartyideas}.

Don’t forget to bring the spirit of Christmas into your home. You can hang framed pictures of your family or of your friends on the walls, framed pictures of your favorite books or even pictures of your kids.{found on shygray}.

Maybe you’re planning a farmhouse Christmas dinner and you’re thinking of using it as inspiration for your home’s decor. You could add a few vintage salvaged pieces to the dinner table or to the walls, maybe even to the fireplace mantel.{found on karaspartyideas}.

Let’s also focus a little bit on the gift and the tradition behind it. You could make something beautiful for the kitchen or for the porch. For example, use a cutting board as a decoration and put a Christmas & clean towel on it.{found on theroosterandthehen}.

And then there’s also the paper plate. You can make a centerpiece like this one using patterned paper, string, cardstock, an old cutting board and tin cans. You can paint the cans or let them show off their original colors.{found on site}.

Here’s another idea for using vintage plates or other vintage items. Use a plate as a guideline. You can decorate the rest of the plate, paint the center off, then add the vase or container you’ve chosen for the decoration.{found on theproperpinwheel}.