This small stone cottage in the middle of the forest has a story to tell. In this quiet village, nestled at the foot of the mountain Oros, this stone home is surrounded by nature and wildlife. The cottage was designed by Paul Coudamy of Libeskind, New York, United States. This stunning home features a minimalist approach with glass walls that bring the forest indoors. We love the large signs posted throughout the house and the trees acting as a backdrop for the cozy decor. Inside, the cottage features a combination of rustic and modern elements, and traditional Southern charm holds sway on the kitchen island and the cozy living room couch.

High ceilings are feature by the kitchen because the living space is tall enough to see the person cooking (or washing) in the kitchen, and it certainly pays homage to the cottage’s days as a lumber mill. A cozy little breakfast nook is tucked beside the kitchen where it is paired with a barn door hanging on the wall, restoring a little lost in the woods.

A dark wood dining set fits the cottage somewhat snugly because they are minimal in style and cut with a natural wood that keeps its vintage charm. The addition of a pendant light brings in some character to the townhouse, and the combination of clean, white walls and exposed brick look contemporary.

Stylish pendants hung near the ceiling make the townhouse feel even more spacious by night. Hanging over the townhouse dining room console, the cityscape art on the wall does double duty as decor here.

Small Stone Cottage In The Forest Of The Carpathians Photo 4

The digs are well-stitched in wood by local altcturists, marking the fact that this townhouse is the resting place of the local cottages that have been there for centuries, and this layout informs the rest of the home’s layout as well.

Finally, the roof ditch is replaced with a new one, providing additional insulation to the house.
Paul Coudamy Architecture